Diversity & Cross Cultural Training.

Diversity and Cross Cultural Training, Houston, TXToday’s workplace is changing and becoming more diverse. Such diversity creates challenges. It also creates opportunities organizations must embrace and turn into success. Smart organizations take it a step further. Through diversity training, they teach themselves and others within their organizations to value diversity and multicultural differences in their staff and the public.


Smart Expressions’ workplace diversity and cross cultural training is focused on helping great organizations like yours protect their brand and maintain the competitive edge. Through engaging stories and interactive exercises, learners explore the importance of diversity and inclusion; as well as challenges of diversity, benefits of diversity, and how to support your organization’s diversity efforts. We are in Houston, TX. Our program flexible, and can be customized to meet your specific challenge, audience size, and delivered at your location or ours.

To contact us for confidential one-on-one coaching or group training, call 713-834-4138, email us or complete this contact form.


With our diversity & cross cultural training the results can be positive:

  • Improved sensitivity awareness,
  • Improved communication between employees, and among working units,
  • Improved employee morale,
  • Attracting and retaining the best staff,
  • Reduced public complaints,
  • Decreased risks for lawsuits,
  • Even better business image and brand reputation for your organization

Request our workplace diversity and cross cultural training today.

You’ll improve sensitivity awareness, reduce customer complaints, attract and retain the best staff, improve morale among the ranks, boost brand reputation, more.

Who Should Attend

This program provides excellent training for staff at all levels of the organization.

To contact us for one-on-one coaching or group training, call 713-834-4138, complete this form, or email us today.

Why Organizations like yours always prefer Mr. Smart for this training.

When Mr. Emmanuel Smart speaks to your group, you get results, guaranteed. Participants gain from his training, background and unique perspective on the issue of diversity. Mr. Smart cuts through the veneer, peeling off sensitive layers, and discusses the issue of diversity like no other other trainer can. You get it right the very first time.

You’ll learn how “others” think, the first step towards bridging the imaginary gap that may create misunderstanding, possible issues with which to contend in diverse workgroups and methods for dealing with them; best practices in diversity and how to integrate diversity practices.


This program is flexible, and can be customized to your organization’s unique needs, providing hands-on activities with ample opportunities for discussions, and questions and answers .


Smart Expressions is a Houston, TX based company. As a result, we are available to deliver a program right at your location or ours in a short notice.

Call 713-834-4138, email us, or complete our online contact form to request our diversity training today.

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